Top 10 Female Spies on TV and in Movies

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There's something about spies that is really exciting. The sneaking around, the butt kicking and all seems to be so much fun. Now imagine a spy and that spy is a hot chick. Doesn't get any better then that.

10. Felicity Shagwell - Austin Power, The Spy Who Shagged Me

9. Foxxy Cleopatra - Austin Powers, Goldmember

8. Vanessa Kensington - Austin Powers, International Man of Mystery

7. Jinx Johnson - Die Another Day

6. Æon Flux - Æon Flux

5. Sarah Walker - Chuck

4. 99- Get Smart

3. Nikita - Nikita

2. Evelyn Salt - Salt

1. Sydney Bristow - Alias

Tip of the day: Stay away from these women. They will kick your behind.

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